Customizing the Desktop

Starting the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop
        Exiting the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop
        Using Panorama (xdt3) Desktop features
        Using the mouse
        Pressing onscreen buttons
        Using windows
        Using menus
        Using icons
        An overview of the SCO Panner window manager

Customizing the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop with rules
        Rule clauses
        Defining the scope of rules
                Specifying scope implicitly
                        Changing the behavior for all users
                        Changing the behavior for different types of user
                        Changing the behavior for a single user
                        Changing the behavior of a directory
                        Changing the behavior of a desktop
                        Changing behavior dynamically
                Specifying the scope explicitly
        Effect of rules in different rule files
        Rule file precedence
        Structure of rule files
        Processing filenames in rules
                Referring to file and directory names
                Canonical form
                Filename processing commands
                Specifying actions

Using Panorama (xdt3) Desktop modules
        Auto modules
        Loop modules
        Text displayed by modules

Defining Panorama (xdt3) Desktop user types
        Creating a new user type
        Determining a user type

Defining Panorama (xdt3) Desktop triggers
        About triggers
        Types of trigger
                Static triggers
                Dynamic triggers
                Hold triggers
                Icons and windows
                Click or hold
                Menu selection

Creating objects for the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop
        Creating an object using the Object Builder
                Changing an action definition
                Opening an existing object
                Installing action definitions
                Installing a picture
                Installing an executable
                Saving an object
                Opening a new object
        Creating an object manually
                        Step 1: Creating the object directory
                        Step 2: Selecting an icon
                        Step 3: Selecting trigger actions
                        Step 4: Writing trigger scripts
                        Step 5: Naming trigger scripts

Configuring icons
        Defining the appearance of icons
                Defining rules for icons
                Defining a picture for icons
                Defining a title for icons
        Defining the behavior of icons
                Writing trigger rules

Configuring Panorama (xdt3) Desktop windows
        Defining the behavior of desktop windows
        Defining the appearance of desktop windows

Configuring directory windows
        Defining the behavior of directory windows

Configuring Panorama (xdt3) Desktop menus
        Defining menus
                Menu clauses and commands
                Mnemonics and accelerator keys
                Pull-down menus
                Pop-up menus
                Disabling menu commands
                Removing menus

Writing Deskshell commands
        Deskshell syntax
                Quoting strings
                Using variables
                Variable substitutions
                Function arguments
                Command substitution
                List substitution
                Command terminators
                List mark
        Control constructs
        Function definitions
        How Deskshell commands are executed
                The state of threads
                Local variables
                Global variables
                Variable overriding
                How environments are inherited
                System thread
                Window threads
                Background threads
                Executing actions within the same thread
                Standard signals

Mapping mouse triggers for the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop
        Modifying the mouse trigger mappings
                        Step 1: Editing the resource file
                        Step 2: Redefining the trigger mapping
                        Step 3: Restarting the Desktop

Panorama (xdt3) Desktop resources
                Resources for changing default rule files and directories
                Resource for specifying Desktop fonts
                Resources for specifying Desktop colors
                Resources for specifying cursor appearance
                Resources for configuring icon labels
                Resources for controlling Desktop appearance and behavior
                Resources for controlling directory appearance and behavior
                Resources for defining message box appearance
                Resources for controlling Desktop mouse behavior
                Resources for mapping mouse triggers

Deskshell command summary