Creating objects for the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop

Installing a picture

You can define a picture (an icon) to associate with the object in one of two ways:

To install any existing picture file with the suffixes .xpm, .xbm, or .px, select Picture from the Install menu. Some valid bitmap files do not include these suffixes. If you want to install such a file, make a copy of it, appending one of those suffixes, and then install it.

After you select the picture from the ``Install Pictures'' dialog box, you are asked to assign the file to one of four icon categories: Normal, Activated, Small normal, or Small activated. You can only assign the selected file to one of these categories at a time. Click on OK to complete the selection.

The installed picture is displayed in the upper part of the Object Builder window, above the appropriate category label.

NOTE: If you change an existing picture, you do not see the change in the Desktop icon until you restart the Desktop. This is because the picture is cached in memory (to improve access speed), and the cached picture is not updated until the Desktop is restarted.

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