Using UNIX windows

Using UNIX window menus

There are no accelerators or mnemonics on the UNIX window menu bar. Because the UNIX window is a terminal emulator, all key sequences are passed on to the application running under the UNIX window.

UNIX window File menu

Item Action
Open logfile... Opens a screen activity logfile.
Save logfile Saves and closes the logfile.
Redraw window Redraws the UNIX window.
Reset (soft) Resets scroll regions from partial scroll to full scroll.
Reset (full) Clears the screen, resets tabs to every eight columns, reinitializes the keyboard mapping data, restores the sprite to its default shape, and resets terminal modes to their initial states.
Exit Exits UNIX window.

UNIX window Edit menu

Item Action
Paste Inserts selected text to the right of the current cursor position.

UNIX window Display submenu of Options menu

Item Action
Scrollbar Displays a scroll bar to enable you to scroll previous input and output back onto the screen for review.
Jump scroll Scrolls several lines at a time off the screen, instead of just one.
Auto wraparound Wraps text to the next line.
Reverse wraparound Enables you to backspace to the previous line.
Auto linefeed Adds a linefeed character to the end of each line.
Jump to bottom when key pressed Enables jump to the end of scrolled text when any key is pressed.
Jump to bottom when message received Jumps to the end of scrolled text when a message is received.
Margin bell Rings the terminal bell as you near the end of the line while typing.
Visual bell Replaces the terminal bell with a visual signal.
Secure keyboard Enables you type in sensitive data when you are working in an unsecure environment.
Allow clients to send events Lets applications other than the X server send events to the UNIX window.

UNIX window Font submenu of Options menus

Item Action
Default Resets the size of the screen text characters to the font specified when the UNIX window is initialized.
6 by 13 Changes the size to the smallest type size available, 6 by 13.
8 by 13 Changes the size to 8 by 13.
9 by 15 Changes the size to 9 by 15.
10 by 20 Changes the size to the largest type size available, 10 by 20.

UNIX window Keyboard submenu of Options menu

Item Action
Keyboard Specifies the keyboard type for the UNIX window.

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