Using UNIX windows

Copying text

To copy text from one place to another:

  1. Select the text you want to copy.

  2. Point to the place you want to copy to. The text will be inserted to the right of the cursor.

  3. Select Paste from the Edit menu (or press mouse button 2).
From within the UNIX window, you can use the mouse to copy and paste text. You can select text, copy it into a temporary buffer, then paste the text from the buffer to the desired location. You can copy and paste in your current UNIX window, or if you are running more than one UNIX window, you can copy and paste between those windows. You can also copy and paste between the UNIX window and other applications that support copy and paste.

NOTE: Some applications that you run in the UNIX window might also use the mouse. In that case, the mouse command goes to the application, which interprets it according to its own rules. To use the mouse for UNIX window copy-and-paste under these circumstances, hold down the <Shift> key while pressing the appropriate mouse button. This sends the mouse command to the UNIX window instead of the application.

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