Using UNIX windows

Securing your environment

If you have an unsecure environment (for example, passwords show when you type them in) and you want to secure your environment, select Secure keyboard from the Display submenu of the Options menu.

When enabled, the Secure keyboard item ensures that all keyboard input is directed only to the UNIX window. When an application prompts you for a password (or other sensitive data), you can enable Secure keyboard using the menu, type in the data, then disable Secure keyboard using the menu again.

Only one X client at a time can secure the keyboard, so when you attempt to enable Secure keyboard, it might fail. In this case, the bell sounds. If the Secure keyboard succeeds, any characters that you type are displayed in reverse video. If this does not happen, then you should be very suspicious that you are being ``hoaxed.'' If the application you are running displays a prompt before asking for the password, it is safest to enter secure mode before the prompt gets displayed. Then make sure that the text that you type is displayed in reverse video, to minimize the probability of hoaxing. You can also bring up the menu again and make sure that a check mark appears next to the menu item. For more information, refer to the scoterm(XC) manual page.

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