SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 new features and notes

Graphical Environment

This section highlights updates and changes in the Graphical Environment components:

X server

The X11R6.8.2 X server replaces the old X11R5 server from SCO OpenServer Release 5. This new X server provides faster performance and support for a wider set of video adapters -- see ``Video adapter support''. documentation is available from the Graphical Environment category in the online documentation. Also see the xorg(4) and xorg.conf(4) manual pages.

In most cases, SCO OpenServer can automatically detect and configure your video hardware to run the X server. See ``Configuring video adapters'' for more information.

NOTE: Depending on the video adapter that you are using, you may encounter some problems with automatic configuration. If you experience autoconfiguration problems, see ``Configuring video adapters manually''.

If desired, you can use scologin(XC) to start the X server and provide graphical login services. You can select to have scologin enabled automatically during the installation. Or, you can run scologin manually:

# scologin enable

By default, the X server and scologin run on tty02.

NOTE: You can no longer enable scologin from tty02. If you run scologin enable from a text-mode login session on tty02, scologin hangs. If you encounter this problem, log out of the session on tty02, then run the following commands from a different multiscreen:

# scologin disable
# scologin enable

Desktop environments

In addition to the standard Panorama (xdt3) Desktop, SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 also offers the new KDE Desktop, version 3.3.2.

Panorama is the default Graphical Environment desktop. To change the default desktop, see ``Running a different desktop environment''.

Panorama (xdt3) Desktop

The Panorama Desktop is unchanged from previous SCO OpenServer releases.

xdt3 is a good choice if you want to run a minimal desktop environment or want to customize an OSF/Motif® environment based on the pmwm window manager.

Documentation that covers using and configuring this desktop environment is available from the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop topic in the online documentation.

KDE Desktop

KDE for SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 includes the following KDE subsystems:

kdebase kdeaccessibility kdeaddons
kdenetwork kdeartwork kdeutils
kdepim kdegraphics  

The KDE documentation is integrated into the desktop environment and available by running KHelpCenter. See ``Using the KDE Desktop'' for an introduction to the KDE interface and the collection of KDE applications that are provided with SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0.

Note the following about this implementation of KDE:

See also:

X clients

SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 includes a number of applications for use in the Graphical Environment, including X clients and SCO X clients, such as scomail(XC) and scoterm(XC).

Please note the following issues:

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