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 16.4.5 Command Options for MySQL Cluster Processes


* new mysqld command options  MySQL Cluster-Related Command Options for `mysqld'
* ndbd command options        Command Options for `ndbd'
* ndb_mgmd command options    Command Options for `ndb_mgmd'
* ndb_mgm command options     Command Options for `ndb_mgm'
 All MySQL Cluster executables (except `mysqld') takes the following
 options as of 4.1.8. If you're running an earlier version please read
 carefully, as we have made changes in some of these switches in order
 to make them consistent between the different executables and with
 `mysqld'. (For example: `-V' was `-v' in earlier versions.) Note also
 that you can use the `-?' option to see what is supported in your
 `-?, --usage, --help'
      Prints a short description of the available command options.
 `-V, --version'
      Prints the version number of the `ndbd' process. The version
      number is the MySQL Cluster version number. It is important
      because at startup the MySQL Cluster processes verifies that the
      versions of the processes in the cluster can co-exist in the
      cluster. It is also important for online software upgrade of MySQL
      Cluster (see section `Software Upgrade of MySQL Cluster').
 `-c CONNECT_STRING (not `ndb_mgmd'), --connect-string CONNECT_STRING'
      Set the connect string to the management server as a command
      option.  (for backward compatibility reasons the `ndb_mgmd' does
      not take the -c option until 5.0, as it currently specifies the
      config file).  Available with `ndb_mgm' from 4.1.8.
           shell> ndbd --connect-string="nodeid=2;"
      This can only be used for versions compiled with debug
      information. It is used to enable printouts from debug calls in
      the same manner as for the `mysqld' process.
Info Catalog ( ndb_mgm process ( MySQL Cluster Process Management
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