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 B.2 Contributors to MySQL
 While MySQL AB owns all copyrights in the `MySQL server' and the `MySQL
 manual', we wish to recognize those who have made contributions of one
 kind or another to the `MySQL distribution'.  Contributors are listed
 here, in somewhat random order:
 Gianmassimo Vigazzola <> or <>
      The initial port to Win32/NT.
 Per Eric Olsson
      For more or less constructive criticism and real testing of the
      dynamic record format.
 Irena Pancirov <>
      Win32 port with Borland compiler.  `mysqlshutdown.exe' and
 David J. Hughes
      For the effort to make a shareware SQL database. At TcX, the
      predecessor of MySQL AB, we started with `mSQL', but found that it
      couldn't satisfy our purposes so instead we wrote an SQL interface
      to our application builder Unireg.  `mysqladmin' and `mysql'
      client are programs that were largely influenced by their `mSQL'
      counterparts.  We have put a lot of effort into making the MySQL
      syntax a superset of `mSQL'. Many of the API's ideas are borrowed
      from `mSQL' to make it easy to port free `mSQL' programs to the
      MySQL API.  The MySQL software doesn't contain any code from
      `mSQL'.  Two files in the distribution (`client/insert_test.c' and
      `client/select_test.c') are based on the corresponding
      (non-copyrighted) files in the `mSQL' distribution, but are
      modified as examples showing the changes necessary to convert code
      from `mSQL' to MySQL Server.  (`mSQL' is copyrighted David J.
 Patrick Lynch
      For helping us acquire `'.
 Fred Lindberg
      For setting up qmail to handle the MySQL mailing list and for the
      incredible help we got in managing the MySQL mailing lists.
 Igor Romanenko <>
      `mysqldump' (previously `msqldump', but ported and enhanced by
 Yuri Dario
      For keeping up and extending the MySQL OS/2 port.
 Tim Bunce
      Author of `mysqlhotcopy'.
 Zarko Mocnik <>
      Sorting for Slovenian language.
 "TAMITO" <>
      The `_MB' character set macros and the ujis and sjis character
 Joshua Chamas <>
      Base for concurrent insert, extended date syntax, debugging on NT,
      and answering on the MySQL mailing list.
 Yves Carlier <>
      `mysqlaccess', a program to show the access rights for a user.
 Rhys Jones <> (And GWE Technologies Limited)
      For one of the early JDBC drivers.
 Dr Xiaokun Kelvin ZHU <>
      Further development of one of the early JDBC drivers and other
      MySQL-related Java tools.
 James Cooper <>
      For setting up a searchable mailing list archive at his site.
 Rick Mehalick <>
      For `xmysql', a graphical X client for MySQL Server.
 Doug Sisk <>
      For providing RPM packages of MySQL for Red Hat Linux.
 Diemand Alexander V. <>
      For providing RPM packages of MySQL for Red Hat Linux-Alpha.
 Antoni Pamies Olive <>
      For providing RPM versions of a lot of MySQL clients for Intel and
 Jay Bloodworth <>
      For providing RPM versions for MySQL 3.21.
 David Sacerdote <>
      Ideas for secure checking of DNS hostnames.
 Wei-Jou Chen <>
      Some support for Chinese(BIG5) characters.
 Wei He <>
      A lot of functionality for the Chinese(GBK) character set.
 Jan Pazdziora <>
      Czech sorting order.
 Zeev Suraski <>
      `FROM_UNIXTIME()' time formatting, `ENCRYPT()' functions, and
      `bison' advisor.  Active mailing list member.
 Luuk de Boer <>
      Ported (and extended) the benchmark suite to `DBI'/`DBD'. Have
      been of great help with `crash-me' and running benchmarks. Some new
      date functions. The `mysql_setpermission' script.
 Alexis Mikhailov <>
      User-defined functions (UDFs); `CREATE FUNCTION' and `DROP
 Andreas F. Bobak <>
      The `AGGREGATE' extension to UDF functions.
 Ross Wakelin <>
      Help to set up InstallShield for MySQL-Win32.
 Jethro Wright III <>
      The `libmysql.dll' library.
 James Pereria <>
      Mysqlmanager, a Win32 GUI tool for administering MySQL Servers.
 Curt Sampson <>
      Porting of MIT-pthreads to NetBSD/Alpha and NetBSD 1.3/i386.
 Martin Ramsch <>
      Examples in the MySQL Tutorial.
 Steve Harvey
      For making `mysqlaccess' more secure.
 Konark IA-64 Centre of Persistent Systems Private Limited
      `'.  Help with the Win64 port of the
      MySQL server.
 Albert Chin-A-Young.
      Configure updates for Tru64, large file support and better TCP
      wrappers support.
 John Birrell
      Emulation of `pthread_mutex()' for OS/2.
 Benjamin Pflugmann
      Extended `MERGE' tables to handle `INSERTS'. Active member on the
      MySQL mailing lists.
 Jocelyn Fournier
      Excellent spotting and reporting innumerable bugs (especially in
      the MySQL 4.1 subquery code).
 Marc Liyanage
      Maintaining the Mac OS X packages and providing invaluable feedback
      on how to create Mac OS X PKGs.
 Robert Rutherford
      Providing invaluable information and feedback about the QNX port.
 Previous developers of NDB Cluster
      Lots of people were involved in various ways summer students,
      master thesis students, employees. In total more than 100 people
      so too many to mention here.  Notable name is Ataullah Dabaghi who
      up until 1999 contributed around a third of the code base. A
      special thanks also to developers of the AXE system which provided
      much of the architecturial foundations for NDB Cluster with
      blocks, signals and crash tracing functionality. Also credit
      should be given to those who believed in the ideas enough to
      allocate of their budgets for its development from 1992 to present
 Other contributors, bugfinders, and testers: James H. Thompson, Maurizio
 Menghini, Wojciech Tryc, Luca Berra, Zarko Mocnik, Wim Bonis, Elmar
 Haneke, <jehamby@lightside>, <>,
 <>, Ted Deppner <>, Mike Simons,
 Jaakko Hyvatti.
 And lots of bug report/patches from the folks on the mailing list.
 A big tribute goes to those that help us answer questions on the MySQL
 mailing lists:
 Daniel Koch <>
      Irix setup.
 Luuk de Boer <>
      Benchmark questions.
 Tim Sailer <>
      `DBD::mysql' questions.
 Boyd Lynn Gerber <>
      SCO-related questions.
 Richard Mehalick <>
      `xmysql'-related questions and basic installation questions.
 Zeev Suraski <>
      Apache module configuration questions (log & auth), PHP-related
      questions, SQL syntax-related questions and other general
 Francesc Guasch <>
      General questions.
 Jonathan J Smith <>
      Questions pertaining to OS-specifics with Linux, SQL syntax, and
      other things that might need some work.
 David Sklar <>
      Using MySQL from PHP and Perl.
 Alistair MacDonald <>
      Not yet specified, but is flexible and can handle Linux and maybe
      HP-UX.  Will try to get user to use `mysqlbug'.
 John Lyon <>
      Questions about installing MySQL on Linux systems, using either
      `.rpm' files or compiling from source.
 Lorvid Ltd. <>
      Simple billing/license/support/copyright issues.
 Patrick Sherrill <>
      ODBC and VisualC++ interface questions.
 Randy Harmon <>
      `DBD', Linux, some SQL syntax questions.
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