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 B.1 Developers at MySQL AB
 These are the developers that are or have been employed by MySQL AB to
 work on the `MySQL' database software, roughly in the order they
 started to work with us. Following each developer is a small list of the
 tasks that the developer is responsible for, or the accomplishments they
 have made. All developers are involved in support.
 Michael (Monty) Widenius
         * Lead developer and main author of the MySQL server (`mysqld').
         * New functions for the string library.
         * Most of the `mysys' library.
         * The `ISAM' and `MyISAM' libraries (B-tree index file handlers
           with index compression and different record formats).
         * The `HEAP' library. A memory table system with our superior
           full dynamic hashing. In use since 1981 and published around
         * The `replace' program (take a look at it, it's *COOL*!).
         * Connector/ODBC (MyODBC), the ODBC driver for Windows.
         * Fixing bugs in MIT-pthreads to get it to work for MySQL
           Server. And also Unireg, a curses-based application tool with
           many utilities.
         * Porting of `mSQL' tools like `msqlperl', `DBD'/`DBI', and
         * Most of `crash-me' and the foundation for the MySQL
 David Axmark
         * Initial main writer of the *Reference Manual*, including
           enhancements to `texi2html'.
         * Automatic Web site updating from the manual.
         * Initial Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool support.
         * Licensing.
         * Parts of all the text files.  (Nowadays only the `README' is
           left. The rest ended up in the manual.)
         * Lots of testing of new features.
         * Our in-house Free Software legal expert.
         * Mailing list maintainer (who never has the time to do it
         * Our original portability code (now more than 10 years old).
           Nowadays only some parts of `mysys' are left.
         * Someone for Monty to call in the middle of the night when he
           just got that new feature to work.
         * Chief "Open Sourcerer" (MySQL community relations).
 Jani Tolonen
         * `mysqlimport'
         * A lot of extensions to the command-line clients.
         * `PROCEDURE ANALYSE()'
 Sinisa Milivojevic
         * Compression (with `zlib') in the client/server protocol.
         * Perfect hashing for the lexical analyzer phase.
         * Multi-row `INSERT'
         * `mysqldump' -e option
         * `SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS' `SELECT' option
         * `--max-user-connections=...' option
         * `net_read' and `net_write_timeout'
         * `GRANT'/`REVOKE' and `SHOW GRANTS FOR'
         * New client/server protocol for 4.0
         * `UNION' in 4.0
         * Multiple-table `DELETE'/`UPDATE'
         * Derived tables in 4.1
         * User resources management
         * Initial developer of the `MySQL++' C++ API and the `MySQLGUI'
 Tonu Samuel (past developer)
         * VIO interface (the foundation for the encrypted client/server
         * MySQL Filesystem (a way to use MySQL databases as files and
         * The `CASE' expression.
         * The `MD5()' and `COALESCE()' functions.
         * `RAID' support for `MyISAM' tables.
 Sasha Pachev
         * Initial implementation of replication (up to version 4.0).
         * `SHOW CREATE TABLE'.
         * `mysql-bench'
 Matt Wagner
         * MySQL test suite.
         * Webmaster (until 2002).
         * Coordinator of development.
 Miguel Solorzano
         * Win32 development and release builds.
         * Windows NT server code.
         * WinMySQLAdmin
 Timothy Smith (past developer)
         * Dynamic character sets support.
         * configure, RPMs and other parts of the build system.
         * Initial developer of `libmysqld', the embedded server.
 Sergei Golubchik
         * Full-text search.
         * Added keys to the `MERGE' library.
 Jeremy Cole
         * Proofreading and editing this fine manual.
         * `ALTER TABLE ... ORDER BY ...'.
         * `UPDATE ... ORDER BY ...'.
         * `DELETE ... ORDER BY ...'.
 Indrek Siitan
         * Designing/programming of our Web interface.
         * Author of our newsletter management system.
 Jorge del Conde
         * `MySQLCC' (`MySQL Control Center')
         * Win32 development
         * Initial implementation of the Web site portals.
 Venu Anuganti
         * MyODBC 3.51
         * New client/server protocol for 4.1 (for prepared statements).
 Arjen Lentz
         * Maintainer of the MySQL Reference Manual.
         * Preparing the O'Reilly printed edition of the manual.
 Alexander (Bar) Barkov, Alexey (Holyfoot) Botchkov, and Ramil Kalimullin
         * Spatial data (GIS) and R-Trees implementation for 4.1
         * Unicode and character sets for 4.1; documentation for same
 Oleksandr (Sanja) Byelkin
         * Query cache in 4.0
         * Implementation of subqueries (4.1).
 Aleksey (Walrus) Kishkin and Alexey (Ranger) Stroganov
         * Benchmarks design and analysis.
         * Maintenance of the MySQL test suite.
 Zak Greant
         * Open Source advocate, MySQL community relations.
 Carsten Pedersen
         * The MySQL Certification program.
 Lenz Grimmer
         * Production (build and release) engineering.
 Peter Zaitsev
         * `SHA1()', `AES_ENCRYPT()' and `AES_DECRYPT()' functions.
         * Debugging, cleaning up various features.
 Alexander (Salle) Keremidarski
         * Support.
         * Debugging.
 Per-Erik Martin
         * Lead developer for stored procedures (5.0) and triggers.
 Jim Winstead
         * Lead Web developer.
 Mark Matthews
         * Connector/J driver (Java).
 Peter Gulutzan
         * SQL standards compliance.
         * Documentation of existing MySQL code/algorithms.
         * Character set documentation.
 Guilhem Bichot
         * Replication, from `MySQL' version 4.0.
         * Fixed handling of exponents for `DECIMAL'.
         * Author of `mysql_tableinfo'.
 Antony T. Curtis
         * Porting of the MySQL Database software to OS/2.
 Mikael Ronstrom
         * Much of the initial work on NDB Cluster until 2000. Roughly
           half the code base at that time. Transaction protocol, node
           recovery, system restart and restart code and parts of the
           API functionality.
         * Lead Architect, developer, debugger of NDB Cluster 1994-2004
         * Lots of optimizations
 Jonas Oreland
         * On-line Backup
         * The automatic test environment of MySQL Cluster
         * Portability Library for NDB Cluster
         * Lots of other things
 Pekka Nouisiainen
         * Ordered index implementation of MySQL Cluster
         * BLOB support in MySQL Cluster
         * Charset support in MySQL Cluster
 Martin Skold
         * Unique index implementation of MySQL Cluster
         * Integration of NDB Cluster into MySQL
 Magnus Svensson
         * The test framework for MySQL Cluster
         * Integration of NDB Cluster into MySQL
 Tomas Ulin
         * Lots of work on configuration changes for simple installation
           and use of MySQL Cluster
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