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 B.3 Documenters and translators
 The following people has helped us with writing the MySQL documentation
 and translating the documentation or error messages in MySQL.
 Paul DuBois
      Ongoing help with making this manual correct and understandable.
      That includes rewriting Monty's and David's attempts at English
      into English as other people know it.
 Kim Aldale
      Helped to rewrite Monty's and David's early attempts at English
      into English.
 Michael J. Miller Jr. <>
      For the first MySQL manual. And a lot of spelling/language fixes
      for the FAQ (that turned into the MySQL manual a long time ago).
 Yan Cailin
      First translator of the MySQL Reference Manual into simplified
      Chinese in early 2000 on which the Big5 and HK coded
      (`') versions were based. Personal home
      page at (
 Jay Flaherty <>
      Big parts of the Perl `DBI'/`DBD' section in the manual.
 Paul Southworth <>, Ray Loyzaga <>
      Proof-reading of the Reference Manual.
 Therrien Gilbert <>, Jean-Marc Pouyot <>
      French error messages.
 Petr Snajdr, <>
      Czech error messages.
 Jaroslaw Lewandowski <>
      Polish error messages.
 Miguel Angel Fernandez Roiz
      Spanish error messages.
 Roy-Magne Mo <>
      Norwegian error messages and testing of MySQL 3.21.xx.
 Timur I. Bakeyev <>
      Russian error messages.
 <> & Filippo Grassilli <>
      Italian error messages.
 Dirk Munzinger <>
      German error messages.
 Billik Stefan <>
      Slovak error messages.
 Stefan Saroiu <>
      Romanian error messages.
 Peter Feher
      Hungarian error messages.
 Roberto M. Serqueira
      Portuguese error messages.
 Carsten H. Pedersen
      Danish error messages.
 Arjen G. Lentz
      Dutch error messages, completing earlier partial translation (also
      work on consistency and spelling).
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