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QSortedList Class Reference

The QSortedList class provides a list sorted by operator< and operator==. More...

#include <qsortedlist.h>

Inherits QPtrList<type>.

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Public Members

Detailed Description

The QSortedList class provides a list sorted by operator< and operator==.

This class is obsolete. It is provided to keep old source working. We strongly advise against using it in new code.

If you want to sort a QPtrList you have to reimplement the QGList::compareItems() method. If the elements of your list support operator<() and operator==(), you can use QSortedList instead. Its compareItems() calls operator<() and operator==() and returns an appropriate result.

Otherwise, this is as QPtrList.

See also QPtrList.

Member Function Documentation

QSortedList::QSortedList ()

Constructs an empty list.

QSortedList::QSortedList ( const QSortedList<type> & list )

Constructs a copy of list.

Each item in list is copied to this new list.

QSortedList::~QSortedList ()

Removes all items from the list and destroys the list.

All list iterators that access this list will be reset.

QSortedList<type> & QSortedList::operator= ( const QSortedList<type> & list )

Assigns list to this list and returns a reference to this list.

This list is first cleared; each item in list is then appended to this list. Only the pointers are copied (shallow copy) unless newItem() has been reimplemented().

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