SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 new features and notes

Mail and Messaging

The mail and messaging subsystem included with SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 provides many improvements over previous versions, with significant enhancements in Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and Mail User Agent (MUA) technologies.

SCO OpenServer continues to support both the SCO MMDF and Sendmail MTAs. MMDF remains the default agent. Sendmail can be selected during the installation or afterwards. See the following section for more information on Sendmail in SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0.

Documentation for both of these products is available from the Mail and Messaging category in the online documentation.

Sendmail mail services

SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 includes Sendmail 8, version 8.13.3. The sendmail MTA handles the transport of messages to and from your system and supports local, networked (SMTP), and dial-out (UUCP) mail delivery.

This server also supports ``multi-homing,'' which means that it can function as a mail gateway to other servers on the network.

Initial Sendmail configuration is accomplished by running mkdev cf. This script sets up the domain, NIS support, and an alternate hostname. When mkdev cf completes, select Generate file.

All other sendmail configuration should be done using the M4 macro processor.

See ``sendmail administration'' for more information.

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