Networking overview

Remote installation and software administration

If you manage a large enterprise that requires frequent new installations and upgrades of critical software, the SCO remote installation and software management capabilities simplify your job by supporting easily replicatable remote management procedures, such as:

Initial system load (ISL)

You can prepare an installation server, then perform an initial installation or upgrade onto clients with a bootp ROM or a specialized boot floppy.

Post-ISL tasks

After initial system load, you can use custom(ADM) to install (or upgrade) software to or from a remote machine. You can also remove, examine, and verify software on remote machines.

When you install a new component via custom, either over the network or from media, the component is placed in a software storage object (SSO) on your hard disk. SSOs allow multiple releases of the same software component to reside on your system simultaneously; users may then (depending on the system's configuration) access the version of their choice.

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Administering an installation server

Once you initially install your SCO OpenServer system, no additional tasks are required to perform component installations and upgrades across the network.

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