WRAPPER macros for pre-DDI 8 drivers

Sample wrapper code

The following coding examples show some typical wrappers for the different loadable module types. Note that all loadable modules must include <sys/moddefs.h> in their wrapper definitions.

``Generic device driver wrapper coding example'' shows a sample wrapper for a device driver.

Generic device driver wrapper coding example

#include        <sys/moddefs.h>

. . .

#define DRVNAME "fd - Floppy disk driver"

STATIC int fd_load(), fd_unload();

MOD_DRV_WRAPPER(fd, fd_load, fd_unload, NULL, DRVNAME);

STATIC int fd_load() { fdinit(); mod_drvattach(&fd_attach_info); fdstart();

return(0); }

STATIC int fd_unload() { mod_drvdetach(&fd_attach_info);

. . .

return(0); }

``File system module wrapper coding example'' shows a sample wrapper for a file system module. Notice that this file system module does not need to do any clean-up when it is unloaded, so its wrapper defines a NULL _unload( ) routine.

File system module wrapper coding example

   #include        <sys/moddefs.h>

STATIC int s5_load(void);

MOD_FS_WRAPPER(s5, s5_load, NULL, "Loadable s5 FS Type");

STATIC int s5_load(void) { inoinit();

bzero((caddr_t)&s5fshead, sizeof(s5fshead)); s5fshead.f_freelist = &s5ifreelist; s5fshead.f_inode_cleanup = s5_cleanup; s5fshead.f_maxpages = 1; s5fshead.f_isize = sizeof (struct inode); s5fshead.f_max = ninode;

fs_ipoolinit(&s5fshead); return 0; }

``Miscellaneous module wrapper coding example'' shows a sample wrapper for a miscellaneous module. Notice that, once loaded, this module wants to remain loaded, so its _unload( ) routine always returns EBUSY.

Miscellaneous module wrapper coding example

#include        <sys/moddefs.h>

STATIC int clis_load(), clis_unload();

MOD_MISC_WRAPPER(clis, clis_load, clis_unload, "clist - character io"); . . .

STATIC int clis_load() { . . .

cinit(); return(0); }

STATIC int clis_unload() { /* * This module can not be unloaded. */ return(EBUSY); }

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