Starting programs from the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop

Starting programs from the Panorama (xdt3) Desktop

The programs (also referred to as applications or utilities) that run on the Desktop range from basic tools, such as the Clock program, to major applications, such as the Mail program.

Depending on the program, you can start it by:

You can also access a variety of programs from the Tools menu. If you select Applications or Demos, a window will open, displaying icons that represent programs and applications. The Demonstrations window, for example, contains demonstrations of animated visuals.

If you select the Toolsheds menu item from the Tools menu, the Toolsheds window opens, displaying icons that represent groups of related programs and applications. You'll notice that some of those icons, such as Accessories and Controls, have been moved out onto the Desktop, where they can be easily accessed even when the Toolsheds window is closed. (A duplicate icon remains to indicate that it still resides in the Toolsheds directory.)

To select a program from one of the Toolshed icons:

  1. Click on the toolshed icon, such as Accessories.

  2. When the Accessories window opens, you'll see a variety of icons representing personal productivity tools for your Desktop, such as Calendar and Clock. Start the desired program by double-clicking on its icon.

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