Using multiple desktops

Using multiple desktops

You can set up multiple workspaces for yourself by creating different desktops. This will allow you to organize the tools and documents you need for different tasks. For example, if you spend part of your time writing contracts and the rest of your day responding to and sending mail, you can set up a separate desktop for each task. Your desktop for your mail tasks can contain Mail and your mail folders; the other desktop can have Edit and the directories with your contract files.

To create a new desktop, select New Desktop from the Desktop File menu. Enter a name for this desktop in the dialog box field. For example, you could call this desktop: Contracts. After you click on OK, the icon for the Contracts desktop appears on the Desktop, and the Contracts desktop window opens.

To save a copy of an existing desktop, select Save As from the Desktop File menu. Enter a unique name for your copy of the desired desktop, such as Contracts.backup. After you click on OK, the Contracts.backup desktop is saved in your home directory.

NOTE: The Desktop also provides several desktops for special tasks, such as the Trash desktop. The Trash desktop contains discarded files and directories, which remain in that desktop until you empty the Trash or recover the icons. For information on using the Trash desktop, see ``Deleting and recovering files and directories''.

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