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 2.8.6 Installing MySQL from Source on Windows
 These instructions describe how to build MySQL binaries from source for
 versions 4.1 and above on Windows. Instructions are provided for
 building binaries from a standard source distribution or from the
 BitKeeper tree that contains the latest development source.
 want to test MySQL on Windows from the latest source distribution or
 from the BitKeeper tree.  For production use, MySQL AB does not advise
 using a MySQL server built by yourself from source.  Normally, it is
 best to use precompiled binary distributions of MySQL that are built
 specifically for optimal performance on Windows by MySQL AB.
 Instructions for installing a binary distributions are available at
  Windows installation.
 To build MySQL on Windows from source, you need the following compiler
 and resources available on your Windows system:
    * VC++ 6.0 compiler (updated with 4 or 5 SP and pre-processor
      package).  The pre-processor package is necessary for the macro
      assembler.  More details can be found at
    * Approximately 45MB disk space.
    * 64MB RAM.
 You'll also need a MySQL source distribution for Windows.  There are
 two ways you can get a source distribution for MySQL version 4.1 and
   1. Obtain a source distribution packaged by MySQL AB for the
      particular version of MySQL in which you are interested.
      Prepackaged source distributions are available for released
      versions of MySQL and can be obtained from
   2. You can package a source distribution yourself from the latest
      BitKeeper developer source tree. If you plan to do this, you must
      create the package on a Unix system and then transfer it to your
      Windows system.  (The reason for this is that some of the
      configuration and build steps require tools that work only on
      Unix.)  The BitKeeper approach thus requires:
         * A system running Unix, or a Unix-like system such as Linux.
         * BitKeeper 3.0 installed on that system. You can obtain
           BitKeeper from `'.
 If you are using a Windows source distribution, you can go directly to
  Windows VC++ Build. To build from the BitKeeper tree, proceed to
  Windows BitKeeper Build.
 If you find something not working as expected, or you have suggestions
 about ways to improve the current build process on Windows, please send
 a message to the `win32' mailing list.   Mailing-list.


* Windows VC++ Build          Building MySQL Using VC++
* Windows BitKeeper Build     Creating a Windows Source Package from the Latest Development Source
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