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 2.3 Installing MySQL on Windows
 A native Windows version of MySQL has been available from MySQL AB since
 version 3.21 and represents a sizable percentage of the daily downloads
 of MySQL. This section describes the process for installing MySQL on
 With the release of MySQL 4.1.5, MySQL AB has introduced a new
 installer for the Windows version of MySQL, combined with a new GUI
 Configuration Wizard.  This combination automatically installs MySQL,
 creates an option file, starts the server, and secures the default user
 If you have installed a version of MySQL prior to version 4.1.5, you
 must perform the following steps:
   1. Obtain and install the distribution.
   2. Set up an option file if necessary.
   3. Select the server that you want to use.
   4. Start the server.
   5. Assign passwords to the initial MySQL accounts.
 This process also must be followed with newer MySQL installations where
 the installation package does not include an installer.
 MySQL for Windows is available in two distribution formats:
    * The binary distribution contains a setup program that installs
      everything you need so that you can start the server immediately.
    * The source distribution contains all the code and support files
      for building the executables using the VC++ 6.0 compiler.
 Generally speaking, you should use the binary distribution. It's
 simpler, and you need no additional tools to get MySQL up and running.
 This section describes how to install MySQL on Windows using a binary
 distribution.  To install using a source distribution, see 
 Windows source build.


* Windows system requirements  Windows System Requirements
* Windows choosing package    Choosing An Installation Package
* Windows using installer     Installing MySQL with the Automated Installer
* Windows install wizard      Using the MySQL Installation Wizard
* Windows config wizard       Using the Configuration Wizard
* Windows install archive     Installing MySQL from a noinstall Zip Archive
* Windows extract archive     Extracting the Install Archive
* Windows create option file  Creating an Option File
* Windows select server       Selecting a MySQL Server type
* Windows server first start  Starting the Server for the First Time
* Windows start command line  Starting MySQL from the Windows Command Line
* Windows start service       Starting MySQL as a Windows Service
* Windows testing             Testing The MySQL Installation
* Windows troubleshooting     Troubleshooting a MySQL Installation Under Windows
* Windows upgrading           Upgrading MySQL on Windows
* Windows vs Unix             MySQL on Windows Compared to MySQL on Unix
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