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 MySQL is evolving quite rapidly here at MySQL AB and we want to share
 new developments with other MySQL users.  We try to make a release when
 we have very useful features that others seem to have a need for.
 We also try to help out users who request features that are easy to
 implement.  We take note of what our licensed users want to have, and
 we especially take note of what our support customers want and try to
 help them out.
 No one has to download a new release.  The News section will tell you if
 the new release has something you really want.   News.
 We use the following policy when updating MySQL:
    * Releases are issued within each series. For each release, the last
      number in the version is one more than the previous release within
      the same series.
    * Production (stable) releases are meant to appear about 1-2 times a
      year.  However, if small bugs are found, a release with only
      bugfixes will be issued.
    * Working releases/bugfixes to old releases are meant to appear about
      every 4-8 weeks.
    * Binary distributions for some platforms are made by us for major
      releases.  Other people may make binary distributions for other
      systems, but probably less frequently.
    * We make fixes available as soon as we have identified and corrected
      small or non-critical but annoying bugs. The fixes are available
      immediately from our public BitKeeper repositories, and will be
      included in the next release.
    * If by any chance a fatal bug is found in a release, we will make a
      new release as soon as possible.  (We would like other companies
      to do this, too!)
Info Catalog ( Choosing distribution format ( Which version ( Release philosophy
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