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 Appendix D MySQL Change History
 This appendix lists the changes from version to version in the MySQL
 source code.
 We are working actively on MySQL 4.1 and 5.0, and will provide only
 critical bugfixes for MySQL 4.0 and MySQL 3.23.  We update this section
 as we add new features, so that everybody can follow the development.
 Our TODO section contains what further plans we have for MySQL 4.1 and
 5.0.   TODO.
 Note that we tend to update the manual at the same time we make changes
 to MySQL.  If you find a recent version of MySQL listed here that you
 can't find on our download page (`'), it
 means that the version has not yet been released.
 The date mentioned with a release version is the date of the last
 BitKeeper ChangeSet on which the release was based, not the date when
 the packages were made available. The binaries are usually made
 available a few days after the date of the tagged ChangeSet, because
 building and testing all packages takes some time.


* News-5.0.x                  Changes in release 5.0.x (Development)
* News-4.1.x                  Changes in release 4.1.x (Production)
* News-4.0.x                  Changes in release 4.0.x (Production)
* News-3.23.x                 Changes in release 3.23.x (Recent; still supported)
* News-3.22.x                 Changes in release 3.22.x (Old; discontinued)
* News-3.21.x                 Changes in release 3.21.x
* News-3.20.x                 Changes in release 3.20.x
* News-3.19.x                 Changes in release 3.19.x
* InnoDB change history       `InnoDB' Change History
* MySQL Cluster change history  `MySQL Cluster' Change History
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