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 1.1 About This Manual
 This is the Reference Manual for the MySQL Database System.  It
 documents MySQL up to Version 4.1.10a, but is also applicable for older
 versions of the MySQL software (such as 3.23 or 4.0-production) because
 functional changes are indicated with reference to a version number.
 Because this manual serves as a reference, it does not provide general
 instruction on SQL or relational database concepts. It also will not
 teach you how to use your operating system or command-line interpreter.
 The MySQL Database Software is under constant development, and the
 Reference Manual is updated frequently as well.  The most recent
 version of the manual is available online in searchable form at
 `'.  Other formats also are available,
 including HTML, PDF, and Windows CHM versions.
 The primary document is the Texinfo file.  The HTML version is produced
 automatically using a modified version of `texi2html'.  The plain text
 and Info versions are produced with `makeinfo'.  The PostScript version
 is produced using `texi2dvi' and `dvips'.  The PDF version is produced
 with `pdftex'.
 If you have any suggestions concerning additions or corrections to this
 manual, please send them to the documentation team at <>.
 This manual was initially written by David Axmark and Michael "Monty"
 Widenius. It is maintained by the MySQL Documentation Team, consisting
 of Paul DuBois, Stefan Hinz, Mike Hillyer, Jon Stephens, and Russell
 Dyer.  For the many other contributors, see  Credits.
 The copyright (2004) to this manual is owned by the Swedish company
 MySQL AB.  MySQL and the MySQL logo are (registered) trademarks of
 MySQL AB.  Other trademarks and registered trademarks referred to in
 this manual are the property of their respective owners, and are used
 for identification purposes only.


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