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 8.1 Overview of the Client-Side Scripts and Utilities
 The following list briefly describes the MySQL client programs and
      A utility that compresses `MyISAM' tables to produce smaller
      read-only tables.   `myisampack' myisampack.
      The command-line tool for interactively entering SQL statements or
      executing them from a file in batch mode.   `mysql' mysql.
      A script that checks the access privileges for a host, user, and
      database combination.
      A client that performs administrative operations, such as creating
      or dropping databases, reloading the grant tables, flushing tables
      to disk, and reopening log files.  `mysqladmin' can also be used
      to retrieve version, process, and status information from the
      server.   `mysqladmin' mysqladmin.
      A utility for reading statements from a binary log. The log of
      executed statements contained in the binary log files can be used
      to help recover from a crash.   `mysqlbinlog' mysqlbinlog.
      A client that provides a graphical interface for interacting with
      the server.   `mysqlcc' mysqlcc.
      A table-maintenance client that checks, repairs, analyzes, and
      optimizes tables.   Using `mysqlcheck' Using mysqlcheck.
      A client that dumps a MySQL database into a file as SQL statements
      or as tab-separated text files. Enhanced freeware originally by
      Igor Romanenko.   `mysqldump' mysqldump.
      A utility that quickly makes backups of `MyISAM' or `ISAM' tables
      while the server is running.   `mysqlhotcopy' mysqlhotcopy.
      A client that imports text files into their respective tables using
      `LOAD DATA INFILE'.   `mysqlimport' mysqlimport.
      A client that displays information about databases, tables,
      columns, and indexes.   `mysqlshow' mysqlshow.
      A utility that displays the meaning of system or MySQL error codes.
       `perror' perror.
      A utility program that changes strings in place in files or on the
      standard input.   `replace' utility replace utility.
 Each MySQL program takes many different options. However, every MySQL
 program provides a `--help' option that you can use to get a full
 description of the program's different options. For example, try `mysql
 MySQL clients that communicate with the server using the `mysqlclient'
 library use the following environment variables:
 `MYSQL_UNIX_PORT'  The default Unix socket file; used for connections to
 `MYSQL_TCP_PORT'   The default port number; used for TCP/IP connections
 `MYSQL_PWD'        The default password
 `MYSQL_DEBUG'      Debug trace options when debugging
 `TMPDIR'           The directory where temporary tables and files are
 Use of `MYSQL_PWD' is insecure.   Password security.
 You can override the default option values or values specified in
 environment variables for all standard programs by specifying options
 in an option file or on the command line.   Program Options.
Info Catalog ( Client-Side Scripts ( Client-Side Scripts ( myisampack
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