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 14.4.3 `BDB' Startup Options
 The following options to `mysqld' can be used to change the behavior of
 the `BDB' storage engine:
      The base directory for `BDB' tables.  This should be the same
      directory you use for `--datadir'.
      The `BDB' lock detection method. The option value should be
      The `BDB' log file directory.
      Don't start Berkeley DB in recover mode.
      Don't synchronously flush the `BDB' logs.
      Start Berkeley DB in multi-process mode.  (Don't use `DB_PRIVATE'
      when initializing Berkeley DB.)
      The `BDB' temporary file directory.
      Disable the `BDB' storage engine.
  Server options.
 The following system variable affects the behavior of `BDB' tables:
      The maximum number of locks you can have active on a `BDB' table.
  Server system variables.
 If you use the `--skip-bdb' option, MySQL will not initialize the
 Berkeley DB library and this will save a lot of memory.  However, if
 you use this option, you cannot use `BDB' tables.  If you try to create
 a `BDB' table, MySQL will create a `MyISAM' table instead.
 Normally, you should start `mysqld' without the `--bdb-no-recover'
 option if you intend to use `BDB' tables.  However, this may give you
 problems when you try to start `mysqld' if the `BDB' log files are
 corrupted.   Starting server.
 With the `bdb_max_lock' variable, you can specify the maximum number of
 locks that can be active on a `BDB' table.  The default is 10,000. You
 should increase this if errors such as the following occur when you
 perform long transactions or when `mysqld' has to examine many rows to
 execute a query:
      bdb: Lock table is out of available locks
      Got error 12 from ...
 You may also want to change the `binlog_cache_size' and
 `max_binlog_cache_size' variables if you are using large
 multiple-statement transactions.   Binary log.
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