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 5.4 Autoconf macros supplied with Automake
      Automake will generate rules to automatically regenerate the config
      header.  If you do use this macro, you must create the file
      `' in your source directory.  It can be empty.  
      This is used when a "multilib" library is being built.  A
      "multilib" library is one that is built multiple times, once per
      target flag combination.  This is only useful when the library is
      intended to be cross-compiled.  The first optional argument is the
      name of the `Makefile' being generated; it defaults to `Makefile'.
      The second option argument is used to find the top source
      directory; it defaults to the empty string (generally this should
      not be used unless you are familiar with the internals).
      If the `strtod' function is not available, or does not work
      correctly (like the one on SunOS 5.4), add `strtod.o' to output
      variable `LIBOBJS'.  
      If the function `error_at_line' is not found, then add `error.o'
      to `LIBOBJS'.  
      Check for a working `mktime' function.  If not found, add
      `mktime.o' to `LIBOBJS'.  
      Check for the GNU obstacks code; if not found, add `obstack.o' to
      Check to see if function prototypes are understood by the
      compiler.  If so, define `PROTOTYPES' and set the output variables
      `U' and `ANSI2KNR' to the empty string.  Otherwise, set `U' to `_'
      and `ANSI2KNR' to `./ansi2knr'.  Automake uses these values to
      implement automatic de-ANSI-fication.  
      If the use of `TIOCGWINSZ' requires `<sys/ioctl.h>', then define
      `GWINSZ_IN_SYS_IOCTL'.  Otherwise `TIOCGWINSZ' can be found in
      Runs many macros that most `''s need.  This macro has
      two required arguments, the package and the version number.  By
      default this macro `AC_DEFINE''s `PACKAGE' and `VERSION'.  This
      can be avoided by passing in a non-empty third argument.
      Searches for the program `emacs', and, if found, sets the output
      variable `lispdir' to the full path to Emacs' site-lisp directory.  
      If the C compiler in not in ANSI C mode by default, try to add an
      option to output variable `CC' to make it so.  This macro tries
      various options that select ANSI C on some system or another.  It
      considers the compiler to be in ANSI C mode if it handles function
      prototypes correctly.
      If you use this macro, you should check after calling it whether
      the C compiler has been set to accept ANSI C; if not, the shell
      variable `am_cv_prog_cc_stdc' is set to `no'.  If you wrote your
      source code in ANSI C, you can make an un-ANSIfied copy of it by
      using the `ansi2knr' option ( ANSI).
      Like `AC_PROG_LEX' with `AC_DECL_YYTEXT' ( Particular Program
      Checks (autoconf)Particular Programs.), but uses the `missing'
      script on systems that do not have `lex'.  `HP-UX 10' is one such
      This checks to make sure that a file created in the build
      directory is newer than a file in the source directory.  This can
      fail on systems where the clock is set incorrectly.  This macro is
      automatically run from `AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE'.
      Check to see if POSIX termios headers and functions are available
      on the system.  If so, set the shell variable
      `am_cv_sys_posix_termios' to `yes'.  If not, set the variable to
      Define `HAVE_PTRDIFF_T' if the type `ptrdiff_t' is defined in
      Add support for the dmalloc
      ( package.  If
      the user configures with `--with-dmalloc', then define
      `WITH_DMALLOC' and add `-ldmalloc' to `LIBS'.
      Adds `--with-regex' to the `configure' command line.  If specified
      (the default), then the `regex' regular expression library is
      used, `regex.o' is put into `LIBOBJS', and `WITH_REGEX' is
      defined..  If `--without-regex' is given, then the `rx' regular
      expression library is used, and `rx.o' is put into `LIBOBJS'.
Info Catalog ( Invoking aclocal ( configure ( Extending aclocal
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