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Sysadmsh.window: foreground_color background_color


The files $HOME/.sysadmcolor and /usr/lib/sysadm/sysadmcolor describe what colors will be used within each window of sysadmsh. This feature will only come into effect on terminals which support color, and have the necessary information in their respective terminfo(M) definitions.

When sysadmsh is started, it will first try to read the file .sysadmcolor in the user's home directory. If that file does not exist, it will try to read the file /usr/lib/sysadm/sysadmcolor. If neither file exists, a default color table stored within sysadmsh is used. The environment variable $SYSADM may be set to other than the directory /usr/lib/sysadm to specify a different path to be searched for the sysadmcolor file.

Each line in a sysadmcolor file must be in one of the following formats:

Comment line
The first character must be a number sign (#); the rest of the line is taken to be a comment and ignored.

Blank line
Any lines containing just tabs and spaces will be ignored.

Window Color
This line has three whitespace-separated fields (as shown in the ``Format'' section).

The window field is a label for one of the various windows that sysadmsh can display, chosen from the following;

which contains the name of the last selected menu entry, located in the top right of the display

which contains the current working directory and date, located on the fourth line of the display

which contains the description of the currently available menu selections, located on the third line of the display

which is used to edit text, usually opened over a field the user has selected for editing

in which error messages display, located on the bottom line of the display

in which forms are displayed

which contains the menu bar, located on the second line of the display

which displays those editing modes which are in effect, located in the middle of the top line of the display

which is used for pick-and-point lists

which is used to display scanned listings of data

The foreground_color and background_color fields contain the code numbers for the foreground and background colors used in that window. The codes for each color are listed below:

Code Color
0 Black
1 Red
2 Green
3 Yellow
4 Blue
5 Magenta
6 Cyan
7 White

 Code   Color
 0      Black
 1      Red
 2      Green
 3      Yellow
 4      Blue
 5      Magenta
 6      Cyan
 7      White
Note that if the file does not contain a line for a particular window construct, the default colors from the internal color table will be used.


The following example file shows the default colors used by sysadmsh.
   # The standard colors used by sysadmsh(ADM).
   Sysadmsh.menu_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.desc_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.context_window:	7	0
   Sysadmsh.date_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.mode_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.error_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.point_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.form_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.prompt_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.scan_window:		7	0
   Sysadmsh.edit_window:		7	0


full pathname of system-wide default sysadmcolor

See also

sysadmsh(ADM), terminfo(F), terminfo(M)

Standards conformance

sysadmcolor does not conform to any currently supported standard; it is an extension of AT&T System V provided by The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
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