Using the system console and non-graphical displays

Changing non-graphical video fonts

You can display the full range of characters on a display adapter by using the vidi(C) utility. Normally, if you have a console with a display adapter which has a character set defined in a ROM, you will be able to display only those characters defined in that ROM. In addition, in order to display the entire font set, the mapchan file for the console must correspond to the character set defined in that ROM.

In addition to using vidi(C) to override ROM, you can use it to define certain display fonts on some display adapters. For example, the VGA adapter will allow you to display fonts in the sizes 8x8, 8x14, and 8x16.

The vidi(C) utility defines the font for one of these six character sets.

Font definition files (/usr/lib/vidi)

Character set 8x8 font 8x14 font 8x16 font
PC standard font8x8 font8x14 font8x16
ISO 8859/1 iso.8x8 iso.8x14 iso.8x16
PC Nordic nor.8x8 nor.8x14 nor.8x16
PC Portuguese por.8x8 por.8x14 por.8x16
PC Spanish spa.8x8 spa.8x14 spa.8x16
PC Greek grk.8x8 grk.8x14 grk.8x16

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