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QWSKeyboardHandler Class Reference

The QWSKeyboardHandler class implements the keyboard driver for Qt/Embedded. More...

#include <qkeyboard_qws.h>

Inherits QObject.

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Detailed Description

The QWSKeyboardHandler class implements the keyboard driver for Qt/Embedded.

The keyboard driver handles events from system devices and generates key events.

A QWSKeyboardHandler will usually open some system device in its constructor, create a QSocketNotifier on that opened device and when it receives data, it will call processKeyEvent() to send the event to Qt/Embedded for relaying to clients.

See also Qt/Embedded.

Member Function Documentation

QWSKeyboardHandler::QWSKeyboardHandler ()

Constructs a keyboard handler. The handler may be passed to the system for later destruction with QWSServer::setKeyboardHandler(), although even without doing this, the handler can function, calling processKeyEvent() to emit events.

QWSKeyboardHandler::~QWSKeyboardHandler () [virtual]

Destroys a keyboard handler. Note that if you have called QWSServer::setKeyboardHandler(), you must not delete the handler.

void QWSKeyboardHandler::processKeyEvent ( int unicode, int keycode, int modifiers, bool isPress, bool autoRepeat ) [virtual protected]

Subclasses call this function to send a key event. The server may additionally filter the event before sending it on to applications.

Parameter Meaning
unicode The Unicode value for the key, or 0xFFFF is none is appropriate.
keycode The Qt keycode for the key (see Qt::Key for the list of codes).
modifiers The set of modifier keys (see Qt::Modifier).
isPress Whether this is a press or a release.
autoRepeat Whether this event was generated by an auto-repeat mechanism, or an actual key press.

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