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QSqlRecordInfo Class Reference
[sql module]

The QSqlRecordInfo class encapsulates a set of database field meta data. More...

#include <qsqlrecord.h>

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Detailed Description

The QSqlRecordInfo class encapsulates a set of database field meta data.

This class is a QValueList that holds a set of database field meta data. Use contains() to see if a given field name exists in the record, and use find() to get a QSqlFieldInfo record for a named field.

See also QValueList, QSqlFieldInfo, and Database Classes.

Member Function Documentation

QSqlRecordInfo::QSqlRecordInfo ()

Constructs an empty record info object

QSqlRecordInfo::QSqlRecordInfo ( const QSqlFieldInfoList & other )

Constructs a copy of other.

QSqlRecordInfo::QSqlRecordInfo ( const QSqlRecord & other )

Constructs a QSqlRecordInfo object based on the fields in the QSqlRecord other.

size_type QSqlRecordInfo::contains ( const QString & fieldName ) const

Returns the number of times a field called fieldName occurs in the record. Returns 0 if no field by that name could be found.

QSqlFieldInfo QSqlRecordInfo::find ( const QString & fieldName ) const

Returns a QSqlFieldInfo object for the first field in the record which has the field name fieldName. If no matching field is found then an empty QSqlFieldInfo object is returned.

QSqlRecord QSqlRecordInfo::toRecord () const

Returns an empty QSqlRecord based on the field information in this QSqlRecordInfo.

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