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QIODeviceSource Class Reference

The QIODeviceSource class is a QDataSource that draws data from a QIODevice. More...

#include <qasyncio.h>

Inherits QDataSource.

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Detailed Description

This class is obsolete. It is provided to keep old source working. We strongly advise against using it in new code.

The QIODeviceSource class is a QDataSource that draws data from a QIODevice.

This class encapsulates retrieving data from a QIODevice (such as a QFile).

Member Function Documentation

QIODeviceSource::QIODeviceSource ( QIODevice * device, int buffer_size = 4096 )

Constructs a QIODeviceSource from the QIODevice device. The QIODevice must be dynamically allocated, becomes owned by the QIODeviceSource, and will be deleted when the QIODeviceSource is destroyed. buffer_size determines the size of buffering to use between asynchronous operations. The higher the buffer_size, the more efficient, but the less interleaved the operation will be with other processing.

QIODeviceSource::~QIODeviceSource ()

Destroys the QIODeviceSource, deleting the QIODevice from which it was constructed.

void QIODeviceSource::enableRewind ( bool on ) [virtual]

If on is set to TRUE then rewinding is enabled. No special action is taken. If on is set to FALSE then rewinding is disabled.

Reimplemented from QDataSource.

int QIODeviceSource::readyToSend () [virtual]

Ready until end-of-file.

Reimplemented from QDataSource.

void QIODeviceSource::rewind () [virtual]

Calls reset() on the QIODevice.

Reimplemented from QDataSource.

bool QIODeviceSource::rewindable () const [virtual]

All QIODeviceSource's are rewindable.

Reimplemented from QDataSource.

void QIODeviceSource::sendTo ( QDataSink * sink, int n ) [virtual]

Reads a block of data and sends up to n bytes to the sink.

Reimplemented from QDataSource.

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