This category contains information on installing, configuring, and maintaining your system hardware and peripheral devices.

In addition to the links in this topic, hardware-related manual pages can be found in Section HW, which describes device drivers, hardware management utilities, and associated kernel interfaces.

For the latest hardware support information, be sure to visit the Compatible Hardware Web Pages, or contact your system supplier.

ISA and EISA network card support

ISA and EISA network card device drivers are provided as-is. No warranty or support of any kind is provided for these devices. ISA and EISA network card devices from UnixWare 7.1.3 and 7.1.4 should work for SCO OpenServer Release 6, but have not been tested. A listing of these devices can be viewed in the Compatible Hardware Web Pages, In future releases, ISA and EISA network device drivers will be removed from the product, as these devices are no longer available. They will not be permitted in computer systems certified for SCO OpenServer Release 6.

Updated and obsolete mass storage interfaces

The table below lists manual pages describing interfaces that were supported in previous releases and are either no longer supported or have changed significantly. See the individual manual pages for details.

ad(HW)Adaptec 154x, 154x emulation, 164x SCSI host adapter device
ad160(HW)Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI host adapter driver
ahslink(HW)link boot-time loadable drivers
aio(HW)pseudo-device driver for asynchronous disk I/O on raw disk partitions
alad(HW)Adaptec AHA-294x SCSI host adapter driver
alad(HW)Adaptec AIC-7870 and AIC-7850 SCSI host adapter driver
ams(HW)Advanced Micro Devices host adapter driver
arad(HW)Adaptec 7770 SCSI host adapter driver
blad(HW)Adaptec Ultra II SCSI host adapter driver
blc(HW)BusLogic Multimaster SCSI host adapter driver
bootstring(HW)parameters passed to the kernel and device drivers
busmouse(HW)bus mouse driver
cdt(HW)tape emulator for SCSI CD-ROM driver
cga(HW)CGA screen routines for console device driver
cha(HW)Compaq 32-Bit Fast-SCSI-2 Controller driver
ciha(HW)386/486 CBUS SCSI host adapter device driver
ciss(HW)Compaq Intelligent Storage Subsystem driver
clad(HW)Compaq Array Controller driver
console(HW)console device driver
cpqs(HW)Compaq CPQS tape driver
ct(HW)QIC-02 and QIC-36 tape device driver
dptr(HW)DPT host adapter device driver
efp(HW)Olivetti ESC-1, ESC-2, and EFP host adapter driver
ega(HW)EGA screen routines for console device driver
eiad(HW)Adaptec 174x EISA SCSI host adapter driver
err(HW)kernel error output pseudo-device driver
esdi(HW)IBM Fixed Disk Adapter/A driver
fd(HW)floppy disk device driver
fdhb(HW)Adaptec AHA-2920 host adapter series and Future Domain Corp 1650, 1670, 1680, 600, 700 SCSI host adapter driver
flashpt(HW)BusLogic Flashpoint SCSI host adapter driver
ft(HW)QIC-40 and QIC-80 cartridge floppy tape driver
hf(HW)IBM Hardfile SCSI host adapter driver
ida(HW)Compaq Intelligent Drive Array Controllers
iiop(HW)Tricord ES5000 Motherboard host adapter driver
iir(HW)Intel Integrated RAID host adapter driver
jukebox(HW)media changer devices
kbmouse(HW)PS/2 keyboard mouse device driver
link,(HW)link boot-time loadable drivers
mc(HW)Irwin tape device driver name
mdac(HW)Mylex Disk Array driver
mono(HW)monochrome ANSI adapter routines for console device driver
mpm(HW)master pseudo-mouse device driver used by scoterm
ncr(HW)NCR MCA SCSI host adapter driver
omti(HW)OMTI hard disk device driver
pa(HW)parallel port device driver
parallel(HW)parallel interface device driver
ram(HW)ramdisk device driver
screen(HW)tty [01-n], color, monochrome, ega, vga display adapter and video monitor
Sdsk(HW)SCSI hard disk driver
sio(HW)clist-based serial driver
Sjk(HW)media changer devices
slha(HW)Symbios Logic/LSI Logic host adapter driver
smad(HW)Adaptec AIC-6x60 chipset host adapter driver
spad(HW)Adaptec 152x SCSI host adapter device driver
spm(HW)slave pseudo-mouse device driver used by scoterm
Srom(HW)SCSI CD-ROM device driver
st506(HW)ST506 fixed disk adapter device driver
Stp(HW)SCSI tape device driver
string(HW)boot, configuration, and other system strings pseudo-device driver
sumo(HW)NEC Storage Plus SCSI-AT (SUMO) host adapter driver
tab(HW)kernel tables pseudo-device driver
tape(HW)magnetic tape device drivers
terminal(HW)special device files and clist driver for serial terminal control
tmcha(HW)Future Domain Corp TMC 845, 8x0, 885 SCSI host adapter driver
vdisk(HW)virtual disk driver
vga(HW)VGA screen routines for console device driver
wd(HW)EIDE disk and ATAPI host adapter driver
wdex(HW)Western Digital 7000ex SCSI host adapter driver
wdha(HW)Western Digital 7000 SCSI host adapter driver
weitek(HW)Weitek math coprocessor device driver
xt(HW)multiplexed tty driver for ATT windowing terminals