Using Mail

Including mail attachments

To include one or more existing files as attachments to a message you are composing:

  1. Select Import from the Attachments menu, click on the Add Attachment button, or drag the file's icon and drop it on the bottom of the Message window.

  2. Choose the attachment that you want to include. You can include a multipart message as an attachment to another multipart message.

  3. Specify the ``File Type'' of the attachment by selecting from the list (click on the down arrow to scroll the list).

  4. Type a comment to display in the attachment header.
Alternatively, you can create a new attachment by selecting Create from the Attachments menu.

NOTE: Some people with whom you exchange mail may be using mail programs that cannot display all types of attachments. See Selecting uuencode format.

Information about each attachment you add is displayed in the bottom part of the Message window. The type (``Kind'') is indicated with a symbol. The ``Size'' of text attachments is given as the number of lines the attachment contains.

You can change the size of the attachment list display by dragging the sash (the small rectangle) above the list up or down.

NOTE: Because Mail makes it easy to send large messages, check the size of the attachments before sending the message. If the message is being sent to a wide audience, try to minimize attachment usage.

Viewing a draft attachment

Display a selected draft attachment by selecting View from the Attachments menu or clicking on the View Attachment button.

Editing an attachment to a draft message

Edit the contents of a selected attachment by selecting Edit from the Attachments menu or clicking on the Edit Attachment button.

To change the Kind or Comment attributes of a selected attachment, select Attributes from the Attachments menu. The type (``Kind'') and ``Comment'' are listed in the attachment's heading.

Removing an attachment from a draft message

To remove a selected attachment from a message, select Delete from the Attachments menu or click on the Delete Attachment button. Restore the most recently deleted attachment by selecting UnDelete from the Attachments menu.

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