Hardware configuration overview

Configuring drivers with the Hardware/Kernel Manager

To add support for a device (such as a hard disk or mouse) to your system, configure the driver for that device and then link the driver into the kernel.

The SCOadmin Hardware/Kernel Manager provides access to the Device Configuration Utility (DCU), a tool for listing hardware controllers and device drivers configured on your system. You can also use the Hardware/Kernel Manager and DCU to assign parameter values (IRQ, memory address range, DMA channel, and so forth) for device drivers.

In the Hardware/Kernel Manager, select a driver to configure from the list, then click on the Configure Driver button. Follow the prompts. See ``Using the Device Configuration Utility (DCU)'' for more information.

Once you configure the driver, click on the Relink Kernel button; click on Relink to confirm. See ``Rebuilding the kernel'' for more information. To activate the new kernel once it is relinked, reboot your system using the System Shutdown Manager or the shutdown(ADM) command.

You can also use the Hardware/Kernel Manager to tune the kernel parameters. To do this, click on the Tune Parameters button. See ``Configuring kernel parameters''.

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