Using files and directories

Using floppy disks

This section describes how to use the Desktop floppy disk icons for backing up and extracting files. For information on other methods, including how to perform these tasks using tapes, see ``About backups'' and ``About media devices''.

To open the Devices window:

Select the Toolsheds menu item from the Tools menu. Double-click on the Devices icon. The following media icons are in the Devices window: 3.5 Disk, 5.25 Disk and Printer. As described below, you can use these Devices icons to list the contents of a disk, extract files, format a floppy disk, and copy files to a disk. If you try to use a device that you do not have, you will see an error message.

To change the default device names:

Select General Preferences from the Options menu, then select Devices from the submenu. The Devices preference dialog box is displayed. Enter text directly into the field next to the device icon name.

To list the contents of a disk:

Place the disk in the appropriate drive. Then click on the corresponding Devices icon. The contents are displayed in a desktop window.

To extract files:

Open the icon menu by clicking the third mouse button on the applicable Devices icon. Select Extract All. Alternatively, you can drag the Devices icon to a directory. When you drop that icon onto the directory, the entire contents of the disk are extracted. If you do not want all the files, you can display the contents in a desktop window first, as described above. Then drag only the desired file(s) into a directory window.

To format a floppy disk:

Place the floppy disk in the appropriate drive. Open the icon menu by clicking the third mouse button on the floppy disk icon. Then select Format from the icon menu.

To copy or append files to a disk:

Drop the desired file icons onto the corresponding Devices icon.

For details on using the Printer icon, see ``Printing files''.

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