Overview of the Graphical Environment

The pmwmrc and .mwmrc files

The contents and functionality of window manager menus (including the Window menu and the Root window), the behavior of the window manager when you press a mouse button with the pointer focused in a window or somewhere on a window border, and the keyboard keys that act as ``accelerator keys'' and what happens when you press an accelerator key are all defined in the window manager configuration file.

The name of the window manager configuration file depends on the mode of the SCO Panner window manager that you are using: the default pmwm mode, which provides the enhanced functionality of the panner, or mwm mode, which provides standard OSF/Motif functionality.

The system-wide version of the configuration file is /usr/lib/X11/system.pmwmrc (for pmwm mode) and /usr/lib/X11/system.mwmrc (for mwm mode). The user's version of this file is $HOME/.pmwmrc or $HOME/.mwmrc.

The local configuration file is not placed in a user's home directory by default. If you want your own personal copy of this file, copy it from the system-wide file and rename it appropriately.

NOTE: If a window manager configuration file exists in a user's home directory, it completely replaces the system file; the window manager never reads the system file after it locates a local configuration file. Make sure you copy the entire system file to your home directory, or you will lose critical window manager functionality.

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