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 16.4.1 MySQL Server Process Usage for MySQL Cluster
 `mysqld' is the traditional MySQL server process. To be used with MySQL
 Cluster it needs to be built with support for the NDB Cluster storage
 engine. If the `mysqld' binary has been built in such a manner, the NDB
 Cluster storage engine is still disabled by default.
 To enable the NDB Cluster storage engine there are two ways. Either use
 `--ndbcluster' as a startup option when starting `mysqld' or insert a
 line with `ndbcluster' in the `[mysqld]' section of your `my.cnf' file.
 An easy way to verify that your server runs with support for the `NDB
 Cluster' storage engine is to issue the command `SHOW ENGINES' from a
 `mysql' client.  You should see `YES' for the row listing `NDBCLUSTER'.
 If you see `NO', you are not running a `mysqld' that is compiled with
 `NDB Cluster' support enabled. If you see `DISABLED', then you need to
 enable it in the `my.cnf' configuration file.
 The MySQL server needs to know how to get the configuration of the
 cluster.  To access this configuration, it needs to know three things:
    * Its own node ID in the cluster.
    * The hostname (or IP address) where the management server resides.
    * The port on which it can connect to the management server.
 The node ID can be skipped from MySQL 4.1.5 on, because a node ID can be
 dynamically allocated.
 The `mysqld' parameter `ndb-connectstring' is used to specify the
 connectstring either when starting `mysqld' or in `my.cnf'.  See also
  MySQL Cluster Connectstring for more info on connectstrings.
      shell> mysqld
 `' is the host where the management server resides,
 and it is listening to port 1186.
 With this setup the MySQL server will be a full citizen of MySQL Cluster
 and will be fully aware of all storage nodes in the cluster and their
 status. It will setup connection to all storage nodes and will be able
 to use any storage node as a transaction coordinator and to access
 their data for reading and updating.
Info Catalog ( MySQL Cluster Process Management ( MySQL Cluster Process Management ( ndbd process
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