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 `my_bool mysql_stmt_bind_result(MYSQL_STMT *stmt, MYSQL_BIND *bind)'
 `mysql_stmt_bind_result()' is used to associate (bind) columns in the
 result set to data buffers and length buffers. When
 `mysql_stmt_fetch()' is called to fetch data, the MySQL client/server
 protocol places the data for the bound columns into the specified
 All columns must be bound to buffers prior to calling
 `mysql_stmt_fetch()'.  `bind' is the address of an array of
 `MYSQL_BIND' structures.  The client library expects the array to
 contain an element for each column of the result set.  If you do not
 bind columns to `MYSQL_BIND' structures, `mysql_stmt_fetch()' simply
 ignores the data fetch. The buffers should be large enough to hold the
 data values, because the protocol doesn't return data values in chunks.
 A column can be bound or rebound at any time, even after a result set
 has been partially retrieved.  The new binding takes effect the next
 time `mysql_stmt_fetch()' is called. Suppose that an application binds
 the columns in a result set and calls `mysql_stmt_fetch()'.  The
 client/server protocol returns data in the bound buffers. Then suppose
 the application binds the columns to a different set of buffers. The
 protocol does not place data into the newly bound buffers until the
 next call to `mysql_stmt_fetch()' occurs.
 To bind a column, an application calls `mysql_stmt_bind_result()' and
 passes the type, address, and the address of the length buffer.  The
 members of each `MYSQL_BIND' element that should be set are described
 in  C API Prepared statement datatypes.
 This function was added in MySQL 4.1.2.
 Return Values
 Zero if the bind was successful. Non-zero if an error occurred.
      The conversion is not supported. Possibly the `buffer_type' value
      is illegal or is not one of the supported types.
      Out of memory.
      An unknown error occurred.
 For the usage of `mysql_stmt_bind_result()', refer to the Example from
  `mysql_stmt_fetch()' mysql_stmt_fetch.
Info Catalog ( mysql_stmt_bind_param ( C API Prepared statement functions ( mysql_stmt_close
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