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 2.9.1 Windows Post-Installation Procedures
 On Windows, the data directory and the grant tables do not have to be
 created. MySQL Windows distributions include the grant tables with a
 set of preinitialized accounts in the `mysql' database under the data
 directory. You do not run the `mysql_install_db' script that is used on
 Unix.  However, if you did not install MySQL using the Windows
 Installation Wizard, you should assign passwords to the accounts. 
 mysql-install-wizard-introduction.  The procedure for this is given
 in  Default privileges.
 Before setting up passwords, you might want to try running some client
 programs to make sure that you can connect to the server and that it is
 operating properly.  Make sure the server is running ( Windows
 server first start), then issue the following commands to verify that
 you can retrieve information from the server.  The output should be
 similar to what is shown here:
      C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqlshow
      | Databases |
      | mysql     |
      | test      |
      C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysqlshow mysql
      Database: mysql
      |    Tables    |
      | columns_priv |
      | db           |
      | func         |
      | host         |
      | tables_priv  |
      | user         |
      C:\> C:\mysql\bin\mysql -e "SELECT Host,Db,User FROM db" mysql
      | host | db    | user |
      | %    | test% |      |
 If you are running a version of Windows that supports services and you
 want the MySQL server to run automatically when Windows starts, see
  Windows start service.
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