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 C.4 New Features Planned for the Mid-Term Future
    * Implement function:
    * Change reading through tables to use `mmap()' when possible. Only
      compressed tables use `mmap()'.
    * Make the automatic timestamp code nicer.  Add timestamps to the
      update log with `SET TIMESTAMP=val;'.
    * Use read/write mutex in some places to get more speed.
    * Automatically close some tables if a table, temporary table, or
      temporary file gets error 23 (too many open files).
    * Better constant propagation. When an occurrence of COL_NAME=N is
      found in an expression, for some constant `n', replace other
      occurrences of COL_NAME within the expression with `n'.
      Currently, this is done only for some simple cases.
    * Change all const expressions with calculated expressions if
    * Optimize KEY = EXPR comparisons. At the moment, only KEY = COLUMN
      or KEY = CONSTANT comparisons are optimized.
    * Join some of the copy functions for nicer code.
    * Change `sql_yacc.yy' to an inline parser to reduce its size and get
      better error messages.
    * Change the parser to use only one rule per different number of
      arguments in function.
    * Use of full calculation names in the order part (for Access97).
    * `MINUS', `INTERSECT', and `FULL OUTER JOIN'.  (Currently `UNION'
      and `LEFT|RIGHT OUTER JOIN' are supported.)
    * Allow `SQL_OPTION MAX_SELECT_TIME=val', for placing a time limit
      on a query.
    * Allow updates to be logged to a database.
    * Enhance `LIMIT' to allow retrieval of data from the end of a
      result set.
    * Alarm around client connect/read/write functions.
    * Please note the changes to `mysqld_safe': According to FSSTND
      (which Debian tries to follow), PID files should go into
      `/var/run/<progname>.pid' and log files into `/var/log'. It would
      be nice if you could put the "DATADIR" in the first declaration of
      "pidfile" and "log" so that the placement of these files can be
      changed with a single statement.
    * Allow a client to request logging.
    * Allow the `LOAD DATA INFILE' statement to read files that have
      been compressed with `gzip'.
    * Fix sorting and grouping of `BLOB' columns (partly solved).
    * Change to use semaphores when counting threads.  One should first
      implement a semaphore library for MIT-pthreads.
    * Add full support for `JOIN' with parentheses.
    * As an alternative to the one-thread-per-connection model, manage a
      pool of threads to handle queries.
    * Allow `GET_LOCK()' to obtain more than one lock.  When doing this,
      it is also necessary to handle the possible deadlocks this change
      will introduce.
Info Catalog ( TODO future ( TODO ( TODO unplanned
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