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Info Catalog ( Without DSN ( MyODBC Configuration ( MyODBC trace Establishing a Remote Connection to System A from System B
 If you want to connect to system A from system B with a username and
 password of `myuser' and `mypassword', here is a simple procedure.
 On system A, follow these steps:
   1. Start the MySQL server.
   2. Use `GRANT' to set up an account with a username of `myuser' that
      can connect from system B using a password of `myuser':
           GRANT ALL ON *.* to 'myuser'@'B' IDENTIFIED BY 'mypassword';
   3. The `GRANT' statement grants all privileges to user `myuser' for
      connecting from system B using the password `mypassword'. To
      execute this statement, you should be either `root' on system A
      (or another user who has appropriate privileges). For more
      information about MySQL privileges, refer to  User Account
 On system B, follow these steps:
   1. Configure a MyODBC DSN using the following connection parameters:
           DSN            = remote_test
           SERVER or HOST = A (or IP address of system A)
           DATABASE       = test (The default database or an appropriate one)
           USER           = myuser
           PASSWORD       = mypassword
      To set up a DSN-less connection, refer to  Without DSN.
   2. Check whether you are able to access system A from system B by
      using ping or other means. If you are not able to reach system A,
      check your network or Internet connections or contact your system
   3. Try to connect using `DSN=remote_test'. If it fails, trace the
      MyODBC log, and take the further steps based on the error message
      from the log. If you need further assistance, send a detailed mail
      message to <>.
 You can also find a simple HOWTO at
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