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 25.1.2 MySQL Test Suite
 Until recently, our main full-coverage test suite was based on
 proprietary customer data and for that reason has not been publicly
 available. The only publicly available part of our testing process
 consisted of the `crash-me' test, a Perl DBI/DBD benchmark found in the
 `sql-bench' directory, and miscellaneous tests located in `tests'
 directory. The lack of a standardized publicly available test suite has
 made it difficult for our users, as well developers, to do regression
 tests on the MySQL code. To address this problem, we have created a new
 test system that is included in Unix source distributions and binary
 distributions starting with Version 3.23.29.  The tests can be run
 under Unix, or on Windows in the Cygwin environment if the server has
 been compiled under Cygwin. They cannot be run in a native Windows
 environment currently.
 The current set of test cases doesn't test everything in MySQL, but it
 should catch most obvious bugs in the SQL processing code, OS/library
 issues, and is quite thorough in testing replication.  Our eventual goal
 is to have the tests cover 100% of the code.  We welcome contributions
 to our test suite.  You may especially want to contribute tests that
 examine the functionality critical to your system, because this will
 ensure that all future MySQL releases will work well with your


* running mysqltest           Running the MySQL Test Suite
* extending mysqltest         Extending the MySQL Test Suite
* Reporting mysqltest bugs    Reporting Bugs in the MySQL Test Suite
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