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 16.1 MySQL Cluster Overview
 `MySQL Cluster' is a new technology to enable clustering of in-memory
 databases in a share-nothing system. The share-nothing architecture
 allows the system to work with very inexpensive hardware, and without
 any specific requirements on hardware or software. It also does not
 have any single point of failure because each component has its own
 memory and disk.
 MySQL Cluster integrates the standard MySQL server with an in-memory
 clustered storage engine called `NDB'. In our documentation, the term
 `NDB' refers to the part of the setup that is specific to the storage
 engine, whereas `MySQL Cluster' refers to the combination of MySQL and
 the new storage engine.
 A MySQL Cluster consists of a set of computers, each running a number
 of processes including MySQL servers, storage nodes for NDB Cluster,
 management servers and (possibly) specialized data access programs. All
 these programs work together to form MySQL Cluster. When data is stored
 in the NDB Cluster storage engine, the tables are stored in the storage
 nodes for NDB Cluster.  Such tables are directly accessible from all
 other MySQL servers in the cluster. Thus, in a payroll application
 storing data in a cluster, if one application updates the salary of an
 employee, all other MySQL servers that query this data can see the
 change immediately.
 The data stored in the storage nodes for MySQL Cluster can be mirrored;
 the cluster can handle failures of individual storage nodes with no
 other impact than that a number of transactions are aborted due to
 losing the transaction state. Since transactional applications are
 expected to handle transaction failure, this should not be a source of
 By bringing MySQL Cluster to the Open Source world, MySQL makes
 clustered data management with high availability, high performance, and
 scalability available to all who need it.
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