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 16.6 Using High-Speed Interconnects with MySQL Cluster


* SCI Sockets                 Configuring MySQL Cluster to use SCI Sockets
* Performance figures         Low-level benchmarks to understand impact of cluster interconnects
 Before design of NDB Cluster started in 1996 it was evident that one of
 the major problems of building parallel databases is the communication
 between the nodes in the network. Thus from the very beginning NDB
 Cluster was designed with a transporter concept to allow for different
 At the moment the code base includes 4 different transporters where 3
 of them are currently working. Most users today uses TCP/IP over
 Ethernet since this exists in all machines. This is also by far the
 most well-tested transporter in MySQL Cluster.
 Within MySQL we are working hard to ensure that communication with the
 ndbd process is made in as large chunks as possible since this will
 benefit all communication medias since all means of transportation
 benefits from sending large messages over small messages.
 For users which desire top performance it is however also possible to
 use cluster interconnects to increase performance even further. There
 are two ways to achieve this, either a transporter can be designed to
 handle this case, or one can use socket implementations that bypass the
 TCP/IP stack to a small or large extent.
 We have made some experiments with both those variants using SCI
 technology developed by Dolphin (
Info Catalog ( MySQL Cluster Management ( NDBCluster ( MySQL Cluster Limitations in 4
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