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 16.3.4 Configuration File


* MySQL Cluster Config Example  Example Configuration for a MySQL Cluster
* MySQL Cluster Connectstring  The MySQL Cluster `connectstring'
* MySQL Cluster Computer Definition  Defining the Computers Making up a MySQL Cluster
* MySQL Cluster MGM Definition  Defining the MySQL Cluster Management Server
* MySQL Cluster DB Definition  Defining MySQL Cluster Storage Nodes
* MySQL Cluster API Definition  Defining the MySQL Servers for a MySQL Cluster
* MySQL Cluster TCP Definition  MySQL Cluster TCP/IP Connections
* MySQL Cluster SHM Definition  MySQL Cluster Shared-Memory Connections
* MySQL Cluster SCI Definition  MySQL Cluster SCI Transport Connections
 Configuring MySQL Cluster requires working with two files:
    * `my.cnf': Specifies options for all MySQL Cluster executables. This
      file, with which you should be familiar with from previous work
      with MySQL, must be accessible by each executable running in the
    * `config.ini': This file is read only by the MySQL Cluster
      management server, which then distributes the information
      contained in this file to all processes participating in the
      cluster.  `config.ini' contains a description of each node
      involved in the cluster. This includes configuration parameters
      for storage nodes and configuration parameters for connections
      between all nodes in the cluster.
 We are continuously making improvements in Cluster configuration and
 attempting to simplify this process. While we strive to maintain
 backward compatibility, there may be times when introduce an
 incompatible change. In such cases we will try to let Cluster users
 know in advance if a change is not backward compatible. If you find
 such a change which we have not documented, please use our Bugs
 Database ( to report it.
Info Catalog ( MySQL Cluster quick ( MySQL Cluster Configuration
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