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 23.1.3 How to Install MyODBC
 MyODBC works on Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, and 2003, and on most
 Unix platforms.
 MyODBC is Open Source. You can find the newest version at
 `'.  Please note that the
 2.50.x versions are LGPL licensed, whereas the 3.51.x versions are GPL
 If you have problem with MyODBC and your program also works with OLEDB,
 you should try the OLEDB driver.
 Normally you need to install MyODBC only on Windows machines.  You need
 MyODBC for Unix only if you have a program like ColdFusion that is
 running on a Unix machine and uses ODBC to connect for database access.
 If you want to install MyODBC on a Unix box, you will also need an ODBC
 manager.  MyODBC is known to work with most Unix ODBC managers.
    * To make a connection to a Unix box from a Windows box with an ODBC
      application (one that doesn't support MySQL natively), you must
      first install MyODBC on the Windows machine.
    * The user and Windows machine must have access privileges for the
      MySQL server on the Unix machine.  This is set up with the `GRANT'
      command.  `GRANT' GRANT.
    * You must create an ODBC DSN entry as follows:
        1. Open the Control Panel on the Windows machine.
        2. Double-click the `ODBC Data Sources 32-bit' icon.
        3. Click the tab `User DSN'.
        4. Click the `Add' button.
        5. Select MySQL in the screen `Create New Data Source' and click
           the `Finish' button.
        6. The MySQL Driver default configuration screen will be shown.
            DSN on Windows.
    * Start your application and select the ODBC driver with the DSN
      that you specified in the ODBC administrator.
 Notice that other configuration options are shown on the MySQL screen
 that you can try if you run into problems (options such as trace, don't
 prompt on connect, and so forth).
Info Catalog ( MyODBC General Information ( ODBC Connector ( MyODBC Windows binary installation
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