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 15.3 `InnoDB' in MySQL 3.23
 Beginning with MySQL 4.0, `InnoDB' is enabled by default, so the
 following information applies only to MySQL 3.23.
 `InnoDB' tables are included in the MySQL source distribution starting
 from 3.23.34a and are activated in the MySQL-Max binaries of the 3.23
 series.  For Windows, the MySQL-Max binaries are included in the
 standard distribution.
 If you have downloaded a binary version of MySQL that includes support
 for `InnoDB', simply follow the instructions of the MySQL manual for
 installing a binary version of MySQL. If you have MySQL 3.23 installed,
 the simplest way to install MySQL-Max is to replace the executable
 `mysqld' server with the corresponding executable from the MySQL-Max
 distribution.  MySQL and MySQL-Max differ only in the server executable.
 See  Installing binary and  `mysqld-max' mysqld-max.
 To compile the MySQL source code with `InnoDB' support, download MySQL
 3.23.34a or newer from `' and configure MySQL with
 the `--with-innodb' option.   Installing source.
 To use `InnoDB' tables with MySQL 3.23, you must specify configuration
 parameters in the `[mysqld]' section of the `my.cnf' option file.  On
 Windows, you can use `my.ini' instead. If you do not configure `InnoDB'
 in the option file, `InnoDB' will not start. (From MySQL 4.0 on,
 `InnoDB' uses default parameters if you do not specify any.  However,
 to get best performance, it is still recommended that you use
 parameters appropriate for your system, as discussed in  `InnoDB'
 configuration InnoDB configuration.)
 In MySQL 3.23, you must specify at the minimum an
 `innodb_data_file_path' value to configure the `InnoDB' data files. For
 example, to configure `InnoDB' to use a single 500MB data file, place
 the following setting in the `[mysqld]' section of your option file:
 `InnoDB' will create the `ibdata1' file in the MySQL data directory by
 default. To specify the location explicitly, specify an
 `innodb_data_home_dir' setting.   `InnoDB' configuration InnoDB
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