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 If you insert a record into a table that contains an `AUTO_INCREMENT'
 column, you can obtain the value stored into that column by calling the
 `mysql_insert_id()' function.
 You can check from your C applications whether a value was stored into
 an `AUTO_INCREMENT' column by executing the following code (which
 assumes that you've checked that the statement succeeded). It determines
 whether the query was an `INSERT' with an `AUTO_INCREMENT' index:
      if ((result = mysql_store_result(&mysql)) == 0 &&
          mysql_field_count(&mysql) == 0 &&
          mysql_insert_id(&mysql) != 0)
          used_id = mysql_insert_id(&mysql);
 For more information, see  `mysql_insert_id()' mysql_insert_id.
 When a new `AUTO_INCREMENT' value has been generated, you can also
 obtain it by executing a `SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()' statement with
 `mysql_query()' and retrieving the value from the result set returned
 by the statement.
 For `LAST_INSERT_ID()', the most recently generated ID is maintained in
 the server on a per-connection basis.  It will not be changed by
 another client. It will not even be changed if you update another
 `AUTO_INCREMENT' column with a non-magic value (that is, a value that
 is not `NULL' and not `0').
 If you want to use the ID that was generated for one table and insert
 it into a second table, you can use SQL statements like this:
      INSERT INTO foo (auto,text)
          VALUES(NULL,'text');              # generate ID by inserting NULL
      INSERT INTO foo2 (id,text)
          VALUES(LAST_INSERT_ID(),'text');  # use ID in second table
 Note that `mysql_insert_id()' returns the value stored into an
 `AUTO_INCREMENT' column, whether that value is automatically generated
 by storing `NULL' or `0' or was specified as an explicit value.
 `LAST_INSERT_ID()' returns only automatically generated
 `AUTO_INCREMENT' values. If you store an explicit value other than
 `NULL' or `0', it does not affect the value returned by
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