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 A.4.3 How MySQL Handles a Full Disk
 This section describes how MySQL responds to disk-full errors (such as
 "no space left on device"), and, as of MySQL 4.0.22, to quota-exceeded
 errors (such as "write failed" or "user block limit reached").
 This section is relevant for writes to `MyISAM' tables. As of MySQL
 4.1.9, it also applies for writes to binary log files and binary log
 index file, except that references to "row" and "record" should be
 understood to mean "event."
 When a disk-full condition occurs, MySQL does the following:
    * It checks once every minute to see whether there is enough space
      to write the current row. If there is enough space, it continues
      as if nothing had happened.
    * Every 10 minutes it writes an entry to the log file, warning about
      the disk-full condition.
 To alleviate the problem, you can take the following actions:
    * To continue, you only have to free enough disk space to insert all
    * To abort the thread, you must use `mysqladmin kill'.  The thread
      will be aborted the next time it checks the disk (in one minute).
    * Other threads might be waiting for the table that caused the
      disk-full condition.  If you have several "locked" threads,
      killing the one thread that is waiting on the disk-full condition
      will allow the other threads to continue.
 Exceptions to the preceding behavior are when you use `REPAIR TABLE' or
 `OPTIMIZE TABLE' or when the indexes are created in a batch after `LOAD
 DATA INFILE' or after an `ALTER TABLE' statement.  All of these
 statements may create large temporary files that, if left to
 themselves, would cause big problems for the rest of the system.  If
 the disk becomes full while MySQL is doing any of these operations, it
 will remove the big temporary files and mark the table as crashed.  The
 exception is that for `ALTER TABLE', the old table will be left
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