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 Appendix F Environment Variables
 This appendix lists all the environment variables that are used
 directly or indirectly by MySQL. Most of these can also be found in
 other places in this manual.
 Note that any options on the command line take precedence over values
 specified in option files and environment variables, and values in
 option files take precedence over values in environment variables.
 In many cases, it's preferable to use an option file instead of
 environment variables to modify the behavior of MySQL.  Option
 *Variable*         *Description*
 `CXX'              The name of your C++ compiler (for running
 `CC'               The name of your C compiler (for running
 `CFLAGS'           Flags for your C compiler (for running
 `CXXFLAGS'         Flags for your C++ compiler (for running
 `DBI_USER'         The default username for Perl DBI.
 `DBI_TRACE'        Trace options for Perl DBI.
 `HOME'             The default path for the `mysql' history file is
 `LD_RUN_PATH'      Used to specify where your `' is
 `MYSQL_DEBUG'      Debug trace options when debugging.
 `MYSQL_HISTFILE'   The path to the `mysql' history file. If this
                    variable is set, its value overrides the default
                    of `$HOME/.mysql_history'.
 `MYSQL_HOST'       The default hostname used by the `mysql'
                    command-line client.
 `MYSQL_PS1'        The command prompt to use in the `mysql'
                    command-line client.
 `MYSQL_PWD'        The default password when connecting to `mysqld'.
                    Note that use of this is insecure!  
                    Password security.
 `MYSQL_TCP_PORT'   The default TCP/IP port number.
 `MYSQL_UNIX_PORT'  The default Unix socket filename; used for
                    connections to `localhost'.
 `PATH'             Used by the shell to find MySQL programs.
 `TMPDIR'           The directory where temporary files are created.
 `TZ'               This should be set to your local time zone. 
                    Timezone problems.
 `UMASK_DIR'        The user-directory creation mask when creating
                    directories. Note that this is ANDed with `UMASK'!
 `UMASK'            The user-file creation mask when creating files.
 `USER'             The default username on Windows and NetWare to
                    use when connecting to `mysqld'.
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