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 Appendix A Acknowledgments
 Eric Young wrote "libdes". Heimdal used to use libdes, without it
 kth-krb would never have existed. Since there are no longer any Eric
 Young code left in the library, we renamed it to libhcrypto.
 All functions in libhcrypto have been re-implemented or used available
 public domain code. The core AES function where written by Vincent
 Rijmen, Antoon Bosselaers and Paulo Barreto.  The core DES SBOX
 transformation was written by Richard Outerbridge. `imath' that is used
 for public key crypto support is written by Michael J. Fromberger.
 The University of California at Berkeley initially wrote `telnet', and
 `telnetd'.  The authentication and encryption code of `telnet' and
 `telnetd' was added by David Borman (then of Cray Research, Inc).  The
 encryption code was removed when this was exported and then added back
 by Juha Eskelinen.
 The `popper' was also a Berkeley program initially.
 Some of the functions in `libroken' also come from Berkeley by way of
 `editline' was written by Simmule Turner and Rich Salz. Heimdal
 contains a modifed copy.
 The `getifaddrs' implementation for Linux was written by Hideaki
 YOSHIFUJI for the Usagi project.
 The `pkcs11.h' headerfile was written by the Scute project.
 Bugfixes, documentation, encouragement, and code has been contributed
 Alexander Boström
 Andreaw Bartlett
 Björn Sandell
 Björn Schlögl
 Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH
 Brian A May
 Chaskiel M Grundman
 Cizzi Storm
 Daniel Kouril
 David Love
 Derrick J Brashear
 Douglas E Engert
 Frank van der Linden
 Jason McIntyre
 Johan Ihrén
 Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino
 KAMADA Ken'ichi
 Ken Hornstein
 Magnus Ahltorp
 Marc Horowitz
 Mario Strasser
 Mark Eichin
 Mattias Amnefelt
 Michael B Allen
 Michael Fromberger
 Michal Vocu
 Miroslav Ruda
 Petr Holub
 Phil Fisher
 Rafal Malinowski
 Richard Nyberg
 Zeqing Xia
 Åke Sandgren
 and we hope that those not mentioned here will forgive us.
 All bugs were introduced by ourselves.
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