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 21 Simple Generic Data Types
 This chapter describes those of Guile's simple data types which are
 primarily used for their role as items of generic data.  By "simple" we
 mean data types that are not primarily used as containers to hold other
 data -- i.e. pairs, lists, vectors and so on.  For the documentation of
 such "compound" data types, see  Compound Data Types.
    One of the great strengths of Scheme is that there is no
 straightforward distinction between "data" and "functionality".  For
 example, Guile's support for dynamic linking could be described
    * either in a "data-centric" way, as the behaviour and properties of
      the "dynamically linked object" data type, and the operations that
      may be applied to instances of this type
    * or in a "functionality-centric" way, as the set of procedures that
      constitute Guile's support for dynamic linking, in the context of
      the module system.
    The contents of this chapter are, therefore, a matter of judgment.
 By "generic", we mean to select those data types whose typical use as
 _data_ in a wide variety of programming contexts is more important than
 their use in the implementation of a particular piece of
 _functionality_.  The last section of this chapter provides references
 for all the data types that are documented not here but in a
 "functionality-centric" way elsewhere in the manual.


* Booleans                    True/false values.
* Numbers                     Numerical data types.
* Characters                  New character names.
* Strings                     Special things about strings.
* Regular Expressions         Pattern matching and substitution.
* Symbols                     Symbols.
* Keywords                    Self-quoting, customizable display keywords.
* Other Types                 "Functionality-centric" data types.
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